Pixlr.com: the Photo Editing Solution when PhotoShop is just too much

I love PhotoShop, but as I only use about 5% of its functionality. I can’t justify the cost of a license for myself. However, that 5% is important. Image resizing and cropping in particular are valuable to just about everyone. 

I tried Gimp, but I found its basic key shortcuts and functionality to be non-intuitive. (I suspect that if I had started with Gimp and not PhotoShop, it would have been fine. But once you ‘get’ PhotoShop, the transition to Gimp is harder.)

Then I discovered the online site Pixlr.com. It offers the basic functionality that we non-graphic designers need – basic resizing and cropping in particular – via a free web-based interface.

There are of course other options out there, and this article lists more of the PhotoShop alternatives, but for my time and ‘money’ Pixlr is the winner.

Give it a try if you haven’t. What do you think? Have you found other sites or downloads better?

2 thoughts on “Pixlr.com: the Photo Editing Solution when PhotoShop is just too much

  1. This was so helpful, since they didn’t install any image manipulation software on this computer! Made my New Biz project that much easier!

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