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Matrix Group is looking for an experienced Project Manager to co-lead an elite team of developers, front-end developers and designers.

Project Managers make things happen. As a PM you are the account manager for your clients, which will include prominent associations and non-profits; the manager of team members, which means you are charge of your own resources and their professional development; and as the manager of projects you are in charge of timelines and getting things done.

We are looking for a Project Manager who loves and knows the web, understands what's possible with current technology, and wants to create beautiful, elegant websites and applications for clients.

You must be a Master Juggler because Matrix Group is a busy, sought-after interactive agency and you'll be working on multiple projects for multiple clients at any given time.

You don't do this work alone. You have your amazing team, you are backed up by your co-PM, there is a junior PM who helps manage priorities, and a scheduler helps with logistics and meetings. You'll also get ongoing guidance from the Director of Client Services and the CEO.

Job Requirements:

Here are your main responsibilities as a PM:

  • Help clients define their goals and audiences
  • Work with new biz and your team to craft elegant solutions for clients
  • Develop staffing plans and timelines for projects
  • Document specifications and use cases
  • Help team members manage their deliverables each week
  • Serve as the main point of contact for your clients
  • Serve on the company's management team and make recommendations about technologies, solutions and trends to senior leadership

Here are sample projects you might manage these days at Matrix Group:

  • Website redesign for a major trade association involving revamped site architecture, new branding, new CMS, migration of a thousand pages of content, and integration with the client's CRM (customer relationship management)
  • Custom development of an interactive game for the web and iPad

Matrix Group is a leading interactive agency in the DC area. We make great websites for associations, professional societies and non-profits, and the occasional for profit company.

Here are sample sites that recently won awards or just got redesigned:

You can learn more about us by visiting:

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Why Matrix Group?

Matrix Group is a leading interactive agency providing Web design, development, association management software, and hosting services to associations and non-profits.

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