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Are you simply the best at organizing tasks, scheduling meetings, keeping multiple managers on time and on task with their meetings and projects? Does “dynamic go-getter” describe you to a “T”? Is Tetris one of your favorite games? Are you the person who always seems to know what's going on?

Matrix Group is looking for an admin who can provide support to the CEO and four active Project Managers.

You will:

  • Sit outside the CEO's office so you'll know *everything* going on at Matrix Group
  • Help the CEO "tetris" all the meetings she's supposed to attend into her busy schedule
  • Help the project managers with meeting scheduling, although they're pretty independent and a shared calendar does a lot of the work
  • Make sure staff are prepped and ready for their meetings, which might means confirming details, sending out agenda, making sure packets are prepared, preparing an internal meeting or printing out directions for offsite meetings
  • Work with the new biz team to transition projects to the production staff by entering projects into the intranet, making sure billing is 100% accurate, and creating project milestones so everyone knows the project deadlines and deliverables
  • Keep the intranet updated with project communications from clients so everyone is on the same page and knows all the client feedback
  • Act as primary backup for the First Impressions Officer and rest of the admin team
  • Help plan company events like webinars and office parties
  • Be an integral part of the company’s support staff

Job Requirements:

You will thrive in this position if you:

  • Have experience in a fast-paced, dynamic, office environment
  • Don't mind having 3 people waiting in line to speak with you or the CEO (yeah, you'll be a bit of a gatekeeper)
  • Are GREAT with details. You can spot typos and missing milestones/billing items a mile away.
  • Can work independently & with little direction because you will NOT get a lot of direction on a day to day basis

Matrix Group is a leading interactive agency in the DC area. We make great websites for associations, professional societies and non-profits, and the occasional for profit company. Here are sample sites that recently won awards or just got redesigned:

You can learn more about us by visiting:

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Why Matrix Group?

Matrix Group is a leading interactive agency providing Web design, development, association management software, and hosting services to associations and non-profits.

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